About Our Puppies

All our puppies were born in our furnished farrowing rooms which are located in our farmhouse. Our females live in small groups within our kennel and when they are pregnant, they usually come to live in the furnished rooms full time about two weeks before their due date. This gives them time to settle in their birth environment. It also gives them peace and quiet away from other dogs and allows them to spend a lot of time off, especially in the last week or so if they are heavily pregnant.

Our puppies stay in the farrowing room until they are around four weeks old. At this point we start to wean them on solid food and we also transfer them to the puppy nursery part of our kennel, where they have a bigger pen to roam around and exercise while they are. they start to explore and find their feet. The puppies stay in the puppy nursery until they leave for their new home at 12 weeks. They are handled daily and exposed to various different stimuli to ensure that they are well socialized and handled before they leave us.

We strongly believe in gradual weaning and our puppies are naturally and gradually weaned from their mother from the age of six weeks. Mom is taken for a few hours during the day and then we are building this over the next few weeks. By the time our puppies are 9 weeks old, they are completely independent from their mother and they spend the last weeks without their mother but in the company of their brothers and sisters. We find this to be the best way to wean puppies and the least stressful for mom and babies. It must be horrible for a 12 week old puppy to be taken away from its mother for the first time on the day he leaves for his new home. It would also be extremely stressful for the mother. We know this is how some breeders wean their puppies, but this is not the way we do it in our kennel.


We do not allow visits just to “meet our dogs”. We love to provide our customers with a personal experience when purchasing their puppy, so our free time is limited. We also take our biosecurity very seriously and the health and well-being of our dogs and puppies is always my top priority especially during this time of pandemic.

We are a professional breeder of purebred dogs. Our kennels, based at our farmhouse, are reserved for our own dogs. As an approved breeder for over a decade, we are regularly inspected by our local authority and an independent veterinarian, which will give you the assurance that our facilities are suitable and comply with current regulatory standards.

We do not allow visitors until the puppies are 6-8 weeks old. This is mainly to ensure that no infection is passed on to the puppies, with the amount of virus going on, it is better to be safe than sorry. We also think it is important that our females and puppies have the right to mate. It can be quite overwhelming for a nursing dog to have people stomping around and looking at her puppies. Our moms are generally exceptionally good at visitors once the puppies are up, and they love to show them off.

Puppy Viewing

Depending on our schedule at the kennel, we usually visit puppies aged 6 to 8 weeks. During your visit you will meet the puppies and their mother, and in most cases dad as well as we tend to use our own breeding dogs. Visits take place in the reception room, which is in fact a furnished space located at the entrance of our farmhouse. We do not take clients to the main puppy nursery as this bothers our mothers who have young litters and also increases the risk of cross infection.

Tours usually last around 30 minutes and during this time you can play and interact with the puppies, meet mom and of course the staff at our farmhouse. You will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions and we will give you some tips to prepare your new puppy.

We usually do weekday afternoons / evenings and Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Please be on time for your appointment and if you are late we would appreciate it if you let me know. Likewise, coming early is not ideal as we will only receive visits by appointment and we would more than likely be with another family.

Tours are usually very informal and involve a lot of puppy cuddling!


Our puppies are fed EVERLAND or Medium Junior.

We start weaning our puppies around 4-6 weeks old, depending on litter size etc. At 8 weeks old, our puppies are getting 3 meals a day, but you will receive a full diet sheet (and food supply) in your puppy pack. By weaning our puppies as early as possible, it allows the mother’s milk to dry out faster, which means that she does not run out due to excess milk production.


We take health testing of our breeding dogs very seriously.

Not all of our puppies are genetically affected by parentage for PRA.

Our puppies are dewormed every two weeks using Drontal dewormer, from the age of two weeks. By the time they leave for their new homes, they will have been wormed 5 times. They will have their next dewormer when they are 12 weeks old, but this is usually done by your own vet who will discuss a deworming schedule for your puppy when he receives his second vaccination and checkup.

Contract of Sale

All of our puppies leave with a puppy pack which includes copies of the relevant health test results and accessories consisting of various items.

New owners should be prepared to sign a legally binding contract that says they will have their puppy neutered.

Although We insist on neutering, we never want it to happen too quickly and we always advise new owners to allow their puppy to develop prior to neutering. We advise that females be allowed to have their first season and then be sterilized three months later. We encourage males to be sterilized at one year.

We do not tolerate early sterilization and our puppies are never de-energized before leaving. This is a barbaric procedure to put baby puppies through, it can also lead to serious health consequences later in life, especially in females where premature incontinence can become a serious problem. This is an extremely fashionable practice among breeders in some areas and it is a practice that we dislike due to the potential serious health consequences.

If you are looking to breed with your pet, you must make a prior request, which will be sent to you by email. We prefer our puppy puppies to go to pet-friendly homes. A family pet should be exactly that and we will never allow our puppies to be raised without our consent.

Why are your prices higher than those of some other breeders?

The price of our puppies reflects our credentials as a professional breeder. Our skills, experience and knowledge are elements that accompany every puppy raised in our kennel. We are fully confident in the quality of the puppies we produce and in the support we provide to our customers.

As a breeder of Bichon Havanais, Cavanese, Cavapoo, Cockalier, Cockapoo, Cocker, Cavalier King Charles Crusaders, Havanese Crusaders, Havacos, We know better than anyone what it takes to produce quality puppies.

We invest a lot of time and money in producing the best puppies possible and over the years we have spent a lot of money in purchasing our basic breeders from the best possible lines.

When buying a puppy from us you choose to go with a breeder who has the most extensive knowledge of cockapoos and cavapoos … a breeder with some of the best quality breeding dogs and who stands behind her puppies and her clients for life!

Investing in one of the most important members of your family will be the best money you will ever spend.

Choosing the right breeder

Does the breeder seem knowledgeable?
Check out the breeder’s website. Do they provide general information about the Cockapoo as a breed or are they just promoting their own dogs? Were they able to answer all of your questions and are you comfortable with those answers?

Have the puppy’s parents had any health tests?
All parent dogs should be screened for health. You would expect at least one of the parents to be genetically clear for ARP. There is no valid excuse for not having health tests.

Does the breeder provide a sales contract?
All reputable breeders should ask their puppy owners to complete a sales contract. It shows the dedication of a breeder to the puppies they breed.

Ask if you can meet your puppy’s parents?
It is not always possible to see the males, sometimes they are outdoor stallions and do not live in the same residence as the females and puppies. If the breeder also has his male, it is even better.

Did the breeder ask you a lot of questions?
Responsible breeders will ask potential clients a few questions, just to make sure that they will be able to provide a permanent and forever home to one of their puppies.

Did the breeder ask you to keep in touch and let them know if you are having any issues?
This shows that the breeder is interested in the puppies he is raising and is happy to help in the future.