Our guarantees

The purchaser certifies having received the health record of vaccinations and deworming at the same time as his puppy, and having read these documents. In addition, he certifies having had the opportunity to see and examine his puppy at his own convenience and satisfaction. It is therefore without reservation that he declares to accept his puppy, with its peculiarities (color of the coat, mask, teeth, eyes, etc.) as well as any comments indicated in the health record.
during 30 days, after the puppy’s departure date (+/- 9 weeks), a money-back guarantee is given to the buyer against the mortality of his puppy by contagious illness. In the event of the puppy’s death as a result of a contagious disease, during this period, it goes without saying that the diagnosis of death will have to be confirmed by a veterinarian, with a written report. Any veterinary and / or specialist costs will be borne by the purchaser.

A money back guarantee is also given to the buyer against death in first 24 months of the puppy’s existence following a defect congenital.

This should appear in the diagnostic report produced by the veterinarian. Any veterinary and / or specialist costs will be borne by the purchaser.
As genetics is an unpredictable and uncontrollable science, the breeder is released from any responsibility in case of cryptorchism or unilateral cryptorchism (absence of one or both testes in males), or lack of teeth during the final dentition. .

The microchip number of the animal concerned must be indicated on any document transmitted.

Rest assured that if your dog dies, we will be just as affected as you. Please know that we will have put all our love into keeping your puppy healthy until the day he leaves your home. The above warranty clauses will hardly alleviate your pain, we are sure, but they must exist to avoid any misunderstanding or any strictly financial opposition between us.