Safe shipping for your pet

The puppies pass through the night to the agency in your region which will be in charge of delivering to you. Each ”Worldwide Animal Travel” agency complies with the ISO9001 standard. Deliveries of canine animals are given priority. Each cage is handled by hand without handling equipment or mechanized chain and are placed by the driver in a secure place. ”Worldwide Animal Travel” guarantees the delivery of your puppy in less than 72 hours to your home.

A reception in better conditions

HUP PUPPY breeding is committed to delivering your healthy puppy to your home. Upon receipt, check the condition of the puppy with the delivery person, write on the delivery note the date and time of arrival as well as any anomalies noted, however minor they may be. If the animal is injured or in poor condition on arrival, report it on the delivery note and contact us quickly and we will make arrangements for its care. Only the transport and the cage remain at your expense. Please note: if the necessary reservations are not made on arrival, we cannot do anything (except in the event of theft, delay, road accident or loss, for which the carrier alone is responsible). Animal welfare during transport comes first. If for any reason whatsoever, health or climatic event, organization of the transport network or other, the animals could not be transported in good conditions, the expedition may be postponed or cancelled. In this case, our customer service will contact you directly.

Need help to find the breed that suits you best?

We will always be happy to help you choose the breed that suits you best. No race is perfect. No one breed is right for everyone. We have several breeds to offer you the one that “fits” with you …

Finding the right dog for you isn’t something you can do on a whim. The first thing to do is to think about what to expect from our partner, what we want him to be, but above all what we don’t want. We have to think about our restrictions such as housing, the time we have available for the animal, the needs for physical activity, brushing, etc.

It is essential to validate your knowledge of the breeds that appeal to you. Look is important, but the behavior of the dog you choose should also please you. Each breed has its characteristics, qualities and flaws.

Avoid falling in love with a beautiful little furball. Instead, see the adults first, take your pick from them. A puppy is always beautiful and adorable, but as it grows up it will look and feel like mum and / or daddy. So you must like these, otherwise your puppy may not be the dog you really wanted.

You will surely be tempted by a puppy that is ready for adoption … Everyone likes to have the little animal they have long hoped for as quickly as possible, but beware, the “perfect” puppy for you is not always available. It is best to allow a few months of waiting so that you have the perfect “game” for life. A few months of patience for a dog that will accompany you for more than 10 years, what a great investment!

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